See for the official Wikispaces version, this is just a subset of that page with examples.

If you use the visual editor it will take care of a lot of the formatting details for you. This page is mainly for when you want to or need to edit things directly because you are beyond the limits of what the visual editor will do.

Text Formatting


There are 6 levels of headings available

Level 1 Heading

=Level 1 Heading=

Level 2 Heading

==Level 2 Heading==

Level 3 Heading

===Level 3 Heading===

Level 4 Heading

====Level 4 Heading====
Level 5 Heading
=====Level 5 Heading=====
Level 6 Heading
======Level 6 Heading======

Font Changes

Where possible you should indicate the structure of the document with the headings above. They should be used in order and nested as needed. Doing so will allow a table of contents to be generated from the headings as well as helping to indicate a logical structure.
Bold text
**Bold text**
Italic text
//italic text//
Underlined text
__Underlined text__ (2 '_' characters)
Monospaced text
{{Monospaced text}}


  • First element
  • Second element
    • First sub-element
      • Etc.
        • Etc.
    • Second sub-element
  • Third element
* First element
* Second element
** First sub-element
*** Etc.
**** Etc.
** Second sub-element
* Third element
  1. First numbered element
    1. Numbered sub-element
  2. Second numbered element
# First numbered element
## Numbered sub-element
# Second numbered element


  • Indented text
> Indented text
    • Indented more
>> Indented more
      • Indented still more
>>> Indented still more


Links are done with [[ and ]] marks. To link to this page it would be entered as [[wikitext]], to put a different descriptive tag on it the tag goes after a | character as [[wikitext|a link back to this page]]. These will appear on screen as wikitext and a link back to this page. If you want to link to an external site instead of a wiki page you just need to replace the page name with the full URL to the site (including the http:// part of it).

Tables of Contents

If your page is complex enough to need one you can insert a table of contents by typing [[toc]] where you want it to appear. It will show up on the right side of the page at that point with the following text flowing around it as needed.